Sober living

Tips For Staying Sober

Content How to Remain Sober from Drug or Alcohol Addiction What Are the Health Effects of Moderate Alcohol Consumption? Welcome to a life with more energy, confidence, and vitality. Sobriety Support – Continue Addiction Treatment In-Network Providers: How to Avoid Relapse and Stay Sober – Avoid Triggers! Relapse prevention techniques always include creating a schedule. Routines are…

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Chest pains after drinking coffee

Contents Alcoholic Cardiomyopathy Esophageal cancer Why Does My Chest Feel Heavy After Drinking Alcohol? Why does my chest hurt after drinking soda It could be a reaction to the alcohol, as some people are more sensitive to it than others. It could also be that you’re gulping the drink too quickly and getting air into…

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How Does Alcohol Use Interact With Anger?

Content If You Live with an Angry Drunk, What Can You Do? Factors That Can Cause You To Be An Angry Drunk The Link Between Anger and Alcoholism Neuroscience and Alcohol Why Are Most Alcoholics So Angry? Alcoholics Anonymous: A Primer No matter the reasons behind feeling anger when drinking alcohol, such behavior can be…

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The Effects of Alcohol on Skin, And How to Manage Them

Content Dark Liquor Drink water The effects of alcohol on skin and aging Sexual Health Reduce Overall Alcohol Intake So, if you’re worried about your skin, avoid cocktails as much as you can. Steering clear of these drinks can help reduce some of the negative side effects that drinking has on your skin. Because cocktails…

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