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Facebook has outlined a new update to how it deals with the moderation of rule violating content, which should see the worst cases dealt with faster. Again, I need to give a HUGE shout-out to Post Planner because they have thousands of fill-in-the-blank ideas in their app too -- many of which have gotten tons of comments on my pages. Thank you for your time and sharing this with us. Here is a compilation of funny facebook posts that describes that facebook is full of funny and stupid people. That's just an example, obviously. One simple example is to grab screenshot of a testimonial from a recent online review -- and then include the link to it in the caption of the image. Selection of the latest most liked Facebook posts. [10] Facebook's Terms of Service agreement states that users are only allowed to have one personal page,[11] and it has an ongoing "war" against fake accounts. They build homes all over the country -- so they have plenty of awesome homes to show off. One great source for eye-catching images that I check all the time is the I love creative designs and unusual ideas Facebook page. You should be able to find information on your past posts in your Page’s Insights. I hope you found useful information. Of any ones, both your own and others. With over 314,000 Facebook likes, who says you need to stick to just one photo? We all know that facebook is the most famous social network on the internet right now. The most-followed person is Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, with over 142 million followers as of November 2020[update]. What's the best way to read a book: audio, kindle or hard copy? face book is the only place you can talk to a wall, and it talks back. You can create one where you are talking to the camera, do an interview-style where you interview someone, a cartoon-style, animated, white board… and the list goes on. Barack Obama you are a King amongst Men. I work with quite a few Orthodontists, for example. If your total rating gets to low you won't be able to post again for some time. Does this mean you should post endless cat photos? says election recount will be done by Wednesday night, Hawley presses Zuckerberg on whistleblower complaint alleging Facebook coordination with Twitter, Google. © 2011-2020 Post Planner, Inc. All Rights Reserved. So if your business is in a visual industry or niche -- a Contractor, Realtor, or Interior Designer, etc. But the viewer's favorite had to be from Entirely Pets, featuring some kids sticking their cuteness (and social media savvy) to their Dad by scoring 1,000,000 Likes with their plea for a puppy. They are simple and tend to get crazy Likes and Comments. If you have an office location, do you post images from there? life is so confusing... what we want we don't get, what we get we are not satisfied with, what we expect never happens & what we hate generally repeats! In the “Charts” section you will see such a utility (for accuracy of indicators accounts must be downloaded for the same period): In fact, there are more than 20 metrics. The most-followed person is Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, with … If someone throws a stone at you, throw a flower at them. But unfortunately there is no possibility to analyze “closed” groups at the moment. What are the 10 top questions customers ask? Josh at Post Planner wrote a great blog post on good places to find awesome images for Facebook. People crave a little motivation. Everyone seems to act like it is really obvious but I have never seen it and can’t find it. Why? "He lied about letting hundreds of thousands of people die from COVID-19. Hello, Kevin! He also mentions the guidelines on sharing other people's photos -- but it doesn't hurt for me to mention them again: It is important when you take something off the web, that you reference where it came from. They want to learn. And apply the knowledge for their communities. Record your customers talking about your product and how they’ve gotten results and love it. Wouldn’t you rather take a multiple choice test than an open ended question test? The major updates and support for 10 most popular social networks have been implemented for that moment. Choose the period for which the download will be performed. 3. So let’s start from the very beginning. There are many ways you can do a promotional video. Me and My Baby. Dad must have thought he had a pretty safe bet... now parents everywhere will find their decisions being 'taken to the people.'. Let’s consider popsters closer: The goals can be different for all of us. [12][13] A May 2015 estimate put the number of fake accounts at 170 million,[14] and a Symantec study in September 2011 found that 15% of 3.5 million video posts were made through fake likes.[15]. Please post your ideas for killer questions and fill-in-the-blanks in the comments below. Sports only presence in this Top 20 list is the Football Star, Cristiano Ronaldo who sneeks in at No. Thank a lot for your efforts, I really appreciate for your feedback! And if you are willing to be in the videos yourself, then you can connect and build trust with your audience faster than any other form of content. These most popular facebook statuses have been hand picked to make sure you would like them. Some relationships are like Tom & Jerry. I analyzed three Facebook accounts, which I really like. This is one of the reasons why I am blogging. The results were positively remarkable: over 214,000 Facebook likes! WWE challenged Disney for top spot with a beefcake explosion of Wrestling Fandom featuring The Rock. Like this one: What if you don’t have a visual business? According to a detailed study from Sprout, the most consistent engagement is on weekdays from 9am to 3pm. The most popular photo among these accounts has Jennifer Lopez.The most liked photo on Facebook is: Jennifer Lopez. Seeing a quote on Facebook then saving & reusing it later. "He divided the country even further than it was before. My tips: read the book The Power of Story Telling, and watch this video to see how Ty Bennett tells his story: Are you launching a new product? If you have any questions or requests to the application, write about them in comments or any contacts on blog. List is limited to 1 Post per Brand. Think hard. The Track Social Top 10 Most Liked Facebook Brand Posts for January 2013*: *Data is as of time of publishing. You'll have many opportunities to change a mood, but you'll never get the opportunity to replace the words you spoke. Very nicely formatted and well thought out. Start with a Story Don't just post a bunch of funny images on your page with no rhyme or reason behind it. Use your smile to change the world, don't let the world change your smile! There are lots of interesting materials in the English-speaking and Russian-speaking Internet. I've broken them down into six types: Here's a mind-mapping infographic showing the 6 types: Now I'd like to break down the first 3 of these post types -- and also give you some examples. Donald Trump is the worst president we've ever had. I laugh every time I think about ______. You can find this button in your Facebook group or page. Let’s start) Come into Popsters tool. The deadly rise in COVID-19 cases is causing some Midwest governors to warn people not to get together with people outside their household for Thanksgiving. Facebook statistics of any account – the best ways to view stats; I analyzed three Facebook accounts, which I really like. The image below is just one example: Once again, I'm not advising that you just randomly post images to get shares. To access this, click on the “Insights” tab at the top of your Page, and then go to the “posts” section on the left hand side. Let's take this example of a funny egg photo. The second most-followed page is Samsung 's page with over 159 million. Following the debate, Biden used his Facebook page to give his take on events. Infographics, most likely, are not something you can do yourself unless you are good with graphic design and have the time to put into it. Pool Supply is fortunate to be in such a great visual business -- but they also do an excellent job of asking for Shares, Likes and Comments on their posts. 2. It's crazy how many business owners don't know that Google owns YouTube. Life stops when you stop dreaming, hope ends when you stop believing, love ends when you stop caring, friendship ends when you stop sharing. 3 Kinds of Facebook Posts that Get Crazy Likes and Comments, Using YouTube to build your Brand & Authority, 15 Unique Ways to Find Facebook Content Ideas [Infographic], The 9 Types of Social Media Content You Need to Use in 2020, Here's How to Get More Likes on Facebook in 2020 (and Reach Millions), What Content To Tweet: All the Twitter Stats, Facts, and Data You Need, write down the Top 20 most frequently asked questions in your niche, answer the questions with short 1-2 sentence answers (these are your tips), "after" pictures of clients when they get their braces off. … Possibly. Because the questions are easier and quicker to answer. NOTE: if you don't have time to read this article, I'd recommend just installing Post Planner and using their viral photos. Most popular social media accounts and posts, "Michael Jackson is Facebook's most popular", "Ronaldo has most Facebook likes after going ahead of Shakira", "Taylor Swift – The most-liked accounts on Facebook", "Cristiano Ronaldo now holds Guinness World Record for 'Most Liked person on Facebook, "The 10 most popular celebrities on Facebook", "Sorry, Shakira, Cristiano Ronaldo is the most liked person on Facebook", "Quality Over Quantity: The Overblown Importance Of Likes And Followers", "The 30 Most Influential People on the Internet", "Facebook Advertisers Complain of a Wave of Fake Likes Rendering Their Pages Useless", "Statement of Rights and Responsibilities", "Facebook Targets 76 Million Fake Users in War on Bogus Accounts", "Facebook wages war on dummy accounts in an effort to curb fake news", "Facebook's War Continues Against Fake Profiles and Bots", "Symantec finds 16.5% of Facebook videos are likejacking attacks", "Top 50 Most Liked Facebook Pages (Sorted by Likes Count)", Most-viewed online videos in the first 24 hours,, Wikipedia articles needing factual verification from March 2019, Articles containing potentially dated statements from November 2020, All articles containing potentially dated statements, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 15 November 2020, at 02:03. But remember to throw the flower pot with it. The poll had a margin of error of plus or minus 3.4 percent. Newsweek has contacted the Biden and Trump campaigns for comment. It is a word that best describes a person who is strong enough to live and enjoy life without depending on others.". Image source. Unfortunately, analyzing personal Facebook profiles (except yours) is not available. Pictures of clients? The most popular photo among these accounts has Jennifer Lopez.The most liked photo on Facebook is: Good-bye Mr. President! For me, as a social media specialist, I'd talk about that one business owner who didn't implement social media into their marketing -- and this is what happened to his business. Useful post in a continuation of the topic: I’ve found an awesome video, have a nice viewing . "Enough is enough. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden branding Donald Trump "the worst president we've ever had" has become his most popular post on Facebook so far in 2020. In fact, it's such a struggle for some businesses that they give up trying. Below are some examples of great promotional videos: If you'd like to continue the learning -- grab your copy of our free infographic below with 12 secret Facebook features every marketer should be using (including you)!!! Thanks to the analysis and the search for the popular posts in different groups and accounts on FB you can learn lots of useful information and make a great number of things (for example, you can improve your accounts activity, slightly adapting your publication taking into account the interests of the audience). Please share this post with your friends or those who it can come in handy. 15 most popular pages on Facebook, plus analysis of changes, How to Find Videos on Facebook - 8 easy ways, Facebook statistics of any account - best free ways to view stats, Most popular Facebook posts - quick search in any profiles, How to find the most liked Tweets and Retweets on any Twitter profile, How to Get More Likes on Instagram: Free and Fresh Tips, How to Make a TikTok Video with Cool Effects, How to Find the Most Liked Instagram Posts in Any Profiles, Free TikTok analytics of any profile: best ways to view stats. to add your favorite posts into Favorites, creating various lists; to view figures of groups for the selected period of time (the actual number of subscribers, average ER of the post or group per day, number of comments, etc. Graham rejects claim he hinted at throwing out ballots in Georgia, Governors urge people to stay home on holiday, McCarthy says GOP will have broad appeal post-Trump, Trump's Fed nominee Judy Shelton hits roadblock in Senate vote, Kelley Paul: Seeing violence against Trump supporters in Washington ‘broke my heart’, Election Law Analyst on Trump lawsuits: This isn't a 'coherent legal strategy', Former Minnesota state representative describes harrowing COVID-19 recovery, How about Ted Cruz slams Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey over censorship at Senate hearing, U.S. Senate blocks confirmation of Fed nominee Shelton, McConnell: Precipitous drawdown would be 'mistake', Mississippi governor proposes doing away with state income tax, Trump still hasn't conceded the election — here's how other presidential runner-ups have graciously bowed out in the past, Georgia Lt. Gov. ); to examine and analyze texts in groups using the Text referring; to export statistics into XLSX, PPTX, PDF formats. "Donald Trump refused to condemn white supremacy. Don't wait for the perfect moment...Take the moment and make it perfect...x. If this includes you, then I'm hoping this post will make it easier for you to create effective Facebook posts. Quote images are very similar to the Tip images. Asking a question with the image -- especially one related to your business -- keeps the material focused. Cat photos are definitely popular on the web -- and I’m not against using them. From there, you can see information on all your posts and follower engagement. CNN's Manu Raju has more. This list contains the top 50 accounts with the largest number of followers on the social media platform Facebook. They have an extremely visual business and page. January was a month of winning, connecting with history and, as always, dogs. All records listed on our website are current and up-to-date. Pool Supply is fortunate to be in such a great visual business -- but they also do an excellent job of asking for Shares, Likes and Comments on their posts. 19. And sure you will find here other useful features to find the best content on Facebook. The message was shared on the former vice president's page during the election debate with his Republican rival. It has received more than 35,000 comments and been shared more than 16,000 times. Or interesting data that you've collected via your operations? One of the hottest questions in social media is what constitutes the. All of them are especially useful for analyzing accounts on Facebook. Here's an example of an ‘educating video.’ It is relative to the next point too, about telling stories: Stories about your business -- client stories, success stories, etc. Best and most used most popular facebook statuses from our collection. Here are 45 Facebook post ideas that are sure to generate high engagement: You can think of these Facebook post ideas as tips. If you hire out, you should choose a concept that can be used over and over for your business -- because the time a graphic designer has to put into these images is not cheap.

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