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Empathy is best defined as the ability to _____. doit on s’y prendre pour marquer un point en badminton ? Sports Collectifs. It motivates students to grow intellectually. Recognizing and retrieving meaningful information to apply it to the new learning context. un terrain de badminton avec les lignes de service. Live Game Live. L'évaluation en EPS. Typically, when one of Mr. Santos's students asks him a question, he has his students form groups to discuss potential answers to the question. Que A neutral stimulus is paired repeatedly with an unconditioned stimulus. She fails to realize that she can sort them by size or by monetary value. Nous publierons 1 ou 2 quizz par semaine ! So with half of her students she uses the new program, and with the other half she trains them as usual. Which of the following is an example of a well-defined problem? Play. Which of the following is considered to be a main source of group differences? Parents who have high levels of control over their children with strictly enforced rules yet lack emotional connectedness such that they might be perceived as inflexible dictators are best described as _____. Which of the following is NOT a component of ethnic identity? According to Erikson, at what point is a person developing their own sense of identity, an understanding of "who I am"? Which best reflects a psychosocial moratorium? Which one of the following is the best illustration of metacognition? Students nominate which peers they think are the most "cool" or popular and those who are least popular. Which instance would a researcher be most likely to use a quasi-experimental design? The boy is most likely to be in which of the following stages? Lucas has few responsibilities for a few years as he explores different roles and starts to develop goals and a sense of his own identity. Played 37 times. A school administrator is interested in knowing the percentage of girls who are involved in a sport this year. ce qu’un dégagé haut ? In collective cultures such as China, ______ is less important to positive outcomes such as peer acceptance and social standing. Research has shown that African-American parents attend less school functions than ______ parents? All of the following are considered to be better predictors of cognitive and social development outcomes later in life than experience in child care facilities except: John Park is an eighth grader. Que. Bonjour à tous ! The two-step process of cognitive moral development proposes stages of moral realism and morality of _____. they indicate the type of strength of the relationships between variables. Practice. Behavior, environment, and person are all aspects of which of the following concepts developed by Bandura? High levels of job stress and dissatisfaction among parents may influence parenting practices and further influence children's academic achievement. Activités de Pleine Nature. His father worked at a bakery and his mother stayed at home and took care of him and his two sisters. 30 seconds . Jackie takes ballet lessons. A student's state of emotional arousal, observing the performance of others, and verbal persuasion are each a source of their self-efficacy. Dividends grant you a seat at the board of directors, while only preferred dividends guarantee that you will receive income from the company. moins 4. Dividends provide you with fixed installments of money, but only preferred dividends guarantee payment in case of bankruptcy. Range vite ta chambre et mets tes baskets, te voici sur le site de l'EPS à la maison du collège de l'Isle! physique ? See themselves as the victim and view their harmful behavior as less serious than it actually is. Ms. Siegler has students pair up to work on a book report to encourage the development of empathy and perspective-taking skills. This best illustrates what teaching strategy? label one in a way that provides a basis for identity development. This quiz is incomplete! answer choices . Peer relationships may not last if there is a lack of ______. Recognition that others have their own minds, which helps a person understand why others' perceptions differ from his or her own. Children who fail to resolve the autonomy versus shame crisis in a positive manner may experience _____. Parental employment has a(an) ______ effect on academic achievement. According to information processing theory, how many types of memory are involved in the learning process? Tags: Question 3 . Greg's parents have high standards for his behavior and they "practice what they preach" by being good examples of moral conduct. 2010-2020 © Collège René Descartes - The broad dimensions of parenting practices are_____. This quiz is incomplete! The quiz will test you on these definitions: The quiz will help you practice these skills: Finish the quiz and head to the corresponding lesson How to Calculate Earnings Per Share: Definition & Formula. Choose an answer and hit 'next'. Activités Gymniques . A common distinction between cues versus prompts is ____. 0. In behavioral theory, which best defines generalization? Focuses attention on what is deemed important and acts as an information supervisor. Which best describes classical conditioning? Which best illustrates the second step in the PQ4R model? Which statement is most likely to be made by a child at the preconventional level of moral development? Central to social cognitive theory is that learning _____. Quality child care is considered a part of a child's ______. Tous droits réservés, Ce site est géré sous The structural change of the parents living apart. Gender constancy is best described as _____. Which best illustrates a student's chronosystem? He studies very hard compared to his American peers because he has always been told by his parents that efforts and hard work will bring success. Elijah is not easily reassured by his mother saying that she poured the same amount of juice in each glass. To fully take advantage of what education psychology has to offer, it is important for teacher to __________. The belief of success about a school system as a whole. 7 months ago. ___________ is to low-road transfer what __________ is to high-road transfer. Caroline is considering donating her savings to support rebuilding in Haiti. higher levels of empathy and social responsibility. Edit. All rights reserved. According to Erikson, at what point in development is a person most likely to develop a sense of industry by successfully completing tasks, or develop an inferiority complex in which they believe they are not a competent person? The basic purpose of chunking as a memory strategy is to _____. effort, persistence, and choice of behavior. Which of the following would a teenager with a sociomoral developmental delay be most likely to do? Christine has not decided what she wants to pursue when she graduates from high school this year. Delete Quiz. Contiguity learning is best defined as learning by _____. Which is the earliest stage at which this becomes possible? L'EPS au collège. Ms. Flores wants to know whether a new conditioning program improves the speed of the athletes she coaches. A student is asked to classify a set of animals and proceeds to sort them into large animals and small animals, ignoring that she can also classify them by species. I quite like PE. What teaching strategy is Mr. Umanzor utilizing? "To help in music class I will remember the phrase 'every good boy does fine,' since the first letter in each word is the note on the line in this scale," Douglas thinks. control of one's own cognitions, beliefs, and emotions. Are you having trouble deciding which college should you attend? Becky and her parents are very close, and her parents do anything they can to show her affection, including having no real limits. Q. J’aime assez l'EPS means... answer choices . Which best describes the fourth factor? 30 seconds . Knowing how to do something; a compilation of all the skills and habits one has formed. Which of the following examples best illustrates consolidation? A child at Stage 2—Self-Reflective Role Taking of Selman's theory of perspective-taking development—is most likely to say _____. Transition to middle school has a more detrimental effect on self-esteem for girls compared to boys. Le fonctionnement de l'EPS. Tags: Question 3 . Which best illustrates perceived popularity? One's ability to focus on others' needs and interest is defined as ______. the individuals most closely associated with theories of moral reasoning are _____. The law of effect most accurately states that _____. Which is a positive outcome seen in children of mothers employed outside of the household? World Languages. This quiz is incomplete! The immediate environment surrounding an individual is his or her _____. Jackie is experiencing _______ transfer. Yolanda takes a geometry class. l'informatique. As an adolescent, belonging to a crowd is most likely to _____. At what age do prejudices feelings typically peak among White children? If behavior has not changed, then learning has not occurred. The most important variable that drives scaffolding is the _____. flashcard set, {{courseNav.course.topics.length}} chapters | Carrie studied very hard and is proud of her A grade on her science test. reduce the number of pieces of information to be stored in memory. "I feel so bad for them and I would want someone to help me if I were them.". I don't like PE. Which parenting style is most consistently linked to positive outcomes, such as higher levels of healthy adjustment and fewer mental health and problem behaviors? Children who have parents who explain why they are being disciplined and how to avoid disciplinary actions tend to have ______. Which of the following examples best illustrates explanatory questioning? Providing the same social skills training to all children in the classroom, What percentage of eighth graders reported experiencing bullying in middle school in Barone's. To play this quiz, please finish editing it. Eunice is demonstrating _____. This quiz is incomplete! la chimie. Which of the following strategies has Mr. Peterson forgotten to use? Some of the areas covered will include net income and preferred dividends. Technology in French. Two common barriers to critical thinking that teachers should help students overcome are ______. Assume she has a self-reflective empathetic orientation of prosocial thinking. Which of the following strategies is Ms. Brown using? Of the many personal factors that contribute to learning in social cognitive theory, the two that are particularly highlighted in the module are _____. Which is the most accurate statement in terms of sex and gender? Exhibit socially appropriate behaviors but may or may not exhibit aggression. Lieux des installations sportives. Kaoris parents tend to be detached. Elijah, age 4, always protests at the dinner table when his mother gives his sister Tabitha juice in a taller glass than his, saying, "Why does she get more juice?!" Lesley thinks that her new sweater is ugly because nobody complimented her when she wore it to school. What is the most accurate statement in terms of ethnic group and racial group? Whether it's Princeton University, the University of Chicago, UCLA, or Northwestern University, just don't be afraid to dream big! Which of the following is an example of quasi-experimental design commonly used in research? the consequences of behavior as administered by adults. Services, How to Calculate Present Value of an Investment: Formula & Examples, Quiz & Worksheet - Calculating Earnings Per Share, How to Calculate Earnings Per Share: Definition & Formula, {{courseNav.course.mDynamicIntFields.lessonCount}}, Securities Markets and Investment Bankers, Bonds: Types, Characteristics and Issuing Procedures, How Indicators Influence Market Conditions, Investment Opportunities in Stocks and Bonds, Investment Opportunities in Mutual Funds and Exchange-Traded Funds, Common Stock: Definition, Issuance & Formula, Convertible Bonds in Accounting: Definition & Examples, Countertrade: Definition, Types & Examples, Government Securities: Definition, Types & Examples, Gross Private Domestic Investment: Definition & Formula, Investment Spending: Definition & Formula, To learn more about the information we collect, how we use it and your choices visit our, The Dynamic Business Environment: Homework Help, Homework Help for Social Responsibility and Ethical Behavior in Business, Business in Global Markets: Homework Help, Forms of Business Ownership: Homework Help, Entrepreneurship and Small Business: Homework Help, Managing and Leading in Business: Homework Help, Leadership Styles in Business: Homework Help, Business Production and Operations: Homework Help, Workplace Productivity & Motivation: Homework Help, Managing the Employer-Worker Relationship: Homework Help, Product Development and Retailing: Homework Help, Product Distribution & Supply Chain Management: Homework Help, Pricing Strategy in Marketing: Homework Help, Implications of Information Technology: Homework Help, Money and Financial Institutions: Homework Help, Working Scholars® Bringing Tuition-Free College to the Community, Explore the meaning of earnings per share, Describe the formula for earnings per share, Characterize net income and owner's equity. an understanding that sex remains the same regardless of behaviors, clothing, or other qualities. Which best illustrates permissive parenting? She seems to know just what to review and when to start studying the course materials. Which best describes the stages that are linked, such that a positive resolution of one stage is relevant to a positive resolution of the other? This quiz is incomplete! history in French is... Mon collège. Two students in Mrs. Pattersons class have not been getting along for most of the semester. Alonso is Hispanic and from a low-income family and, as a result, has substandard and crowded housing in his neighborhood in which traditional beliefs and customs of Mexico are held. Comment fait-on avant de commencer un match ? Disequilibrium means that in response to new experiences, learners _____. Which statement would Piaget be most likely to reject? This failure is best described as a problem with _____. Mrs. Abel believes that students from low-income families are poor readers. Assume that a well-designed correlational research study shows a very strong relationship between how much children recreationally read at home and grades. In using the IDEAL approach to problem solving, the first step is to ______. Les activités enseignées. Save. Gender-role identity is usually defined as ______. Présente Which of the following statements about automaticity is most true? Cite-en au As Mark progresses she increases the amount of reading he does and eventually asks him comprehensive questions about the reading. Sports de raquette. EVA-Web 4.2, Dernière mise à jour Algorithms are more frequently used than heuristics for ill-defined problems. Which of the following techniques may be useful to decrease recognition failure? Which of the following illustrates relational aggression? understand scientific research and how they can incorporate it into their classroom practices. understand how emotions such as fears and anxieties can be learned. In operant conditioning, antecedents are best described as _____. Which is NOT a suggestion for improving social skills training? | {{course.flashcardSetCount}} The lesson will help you cover the following topics: 25 chapters | Every three times a student earns an A on his homework assignment, Ms. Gonzales does not require the student to turn in the fourth assignment. World Languages. One key aspect of Gilligan's perspective, as contrasts with Kohlberg's, might best be labeled _____. Members are very similar in demographics such as age, SES, race, and shared activities. Carol Gilligan's theory of moral development differs from Lawrence Kohlberg's theory in that it proposes that _____. minimum)? Which most accurately describes the best method for ensuring a sample is representative? Classical conditioning is relevant to teaching because it can help teachers _____. Mr. Jackson tells his students to teach new concepts to their family at home to help facilitate memory of new information. 7th grade . All of the following are major elements of emotional competence, except emotional ______. This quiz is incomplete! Mary's mother, grandmother, and sister are all doctors and active in their church. Mr. Peterson is not sure why Avery has been having a hard time in his chemistry class. What kind of programs have been implemented to help train individuals to close the achievement gap? According to Erikson's theory, if a student rarely takes the initiative, shows no sense of purpose, and never wants to take risks, it is most likely because _____. "My teacher says its wrong, and anyway, it's against school rules.". Homework. Live Game Live. What does this example best illustrate? Activités Artistiques. Testez vos connaissances dans le domaine sportif. Induction, nurturance, demandingness, and modeling are best described as _____. When a behavior is first being developed, consequences are needed on a(an) _____ schedule. 66% average accuracy. Q. SURVEY . All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. What strategy is Ms. Siegler using? A sense of identity is needed to successfully resolve a crisis of intimacy/isolation. Dan was worried about which parent was going to pick him up after school because both of them did not show up for several times. This best represents _____. To play this quiz, please finish editing it. EPS ET DNB. Unfortunately, she does not seem to realize that the skills she learned in geometry apply to her new situation. few displays of social skills and cooperation. Each of the following expresses a child's reasoning as to why cheating is wrong. Mary would be categorized as ______. Which statement is most likely to be made by a child at the conventional level of moral development? Les activités enseignées. Mandy is very close to her parents, who provide her with set rules which she knows will be enforced. Which of the following characteristics should Ms. Kacey look for to ensure she chose a quality care facility? If you were interested in how a child's culture influences cognitive development, you would be most likely to consider ________ approach to cognitive development. integrates that new experience into an existing scheme, temporary support for children to accomplish a task. Which is the best tip for using consequences effectively? Which is NOT a term that is central to the ongoing process of adaptation, during which individuals construct cognitive structures? It is most accurate to say that self-efficacy is an important cognitive process because it influences achievement and _____. Which is most true about correlational design? Which situation best reflects the phonological loop? men and women differ in their moral orientations. Le fonctionnement de l'EPS. Which type of research is most likely to yield information that determines cause and effect? Before Ms. Bonds sent one of her students to the dean's office, she explained why the rule was established in the first place. In Kohlberg's theory, which is most defined by an egocentric, self-interested view of right and wrong? Décharge. Goooooooo ! la technologie. They displayed more verbal and physical aggressive behaviors. Which best illustrates a self-fulfilling prophecy? Which concept is most closely associated with Vygotsky? What type of research design is most likely used? College Personality Quiz Determine what college you should go to by first taking a careful look at yourself. The Zone of Proximal Development includes _____. Mrs. Patterson assumes that if she has the two students sit at opposite ends of the classroom, the issue between them will resolve. If a teacher could use only one of the following to craft effective lessons to promote automaticity, the teacher would emphasize _______. SPIP 3.2.8 [24211] {{courseNav.course.mDynamicIntFields.lessonCount}} lessons Un peu plus de 350 questions réparties sur 16 activités différentes. taking a look at the New York Stock Exchange and comparing it to another relevant stock market, calculating it using information from the Balance Sheet, Create your account to access this entire worksheet, A Premium account gives you access to all lesson, practice exams, quizzes & worksheets, Introduction to Business: Homework Help Resource. On remplit le Quizz ! She hands him a cup and asks him to fill it up with spit. Research has shown that consistently having students retrieve information actually increases the ability to retrieve that same information. Quelles A teacher notices that Mark is having a hard time reading. become more focused on other people's thoughts and feelings. Ms. Winifred expects all children of divorce to have poor achievement, and that expectation changes her behavior toward those children in ways that make it more likely to come true. Which of the following is NOT one of the benefits? She then measures their speed to determine whether the new program caused a difference in their speed. L'évaluation en EPS. Transfer involving problem solving and analogies is rare because of a lack of ______. Which is the best description of a general view of transfer? The role of "private speech" in Vygotsky's view is to _____. According to recent research, prosocial behavior tends to decrease during what years of an individual's life? creates a learning situation where children behave beyond their current level, advancing their development. Dans le cadre de la continuité pédagogique de l’EPS, nous vous proposons divers quizz sur les différents sports que vous avez pu pratiquer ou non au collège, afin de tester vos connaissances sous forme de jeu. | 1 Her thinking can be best interpreted as _____. Les matières scolaires. A person creates knowledge through an interaction between the background they bring to a situation and the social exchanges within that context. Which of the following examples best illustrates deep processing? What kind of teaching approach is that? Mattie's understanding illustrates _____. They indicate the type and strength of the relationships between variables. Which is the best example of declarative knowledge? In Kohlberg's theory, which is most defined by a focus on external authority, such as standards of society? None of the above; no negative results have been found. The negative impact far outweighs the potential effectiveness, so it should never be used. In identity development, a period of role experimentation and trying new behaviors, including contemplating morals and values, is most accurately called ______. Voici les étapes à suivre : Allez ! Intersubjectivity is best illustrated by a _____. Research on the increasing numbers of mothers employed outside of the household has consistently found which negative results in their children? Recollection of one piece of information can activate recall of related or linked information in a process known as _____. Which stage or level of Kohlberg's theory most closely resembles a hedonistic orientation in Eisenberg's theory? Mrs. Halsey often teaches her students songs that help them remember specific information they were taught that day. During a summer job with a landscape company, she is asked to help compute amounts of materials needed for certain spaces. Which best illustrates demandingness and modeling? Which of the following best describes convergent thinking? EPS - Quizz Escalade : Continuité Pédagogique Bonjour à tous ! "Life is so confusing," she thinks to herself. Accommodation means that in response to new experiences, a learner _____. Soyez prêt... Pour débuter notre continuité pédagogique en EPS, on vous propose un Quizz sur : Pour ça rien de compliqué ! This quiz will ask you about definitions related to earnings per share and their calculation. the thought processes individuals use for determining right and wrong. The word "positive," when added to the terms reinforcement or punishment, means _____. As internalization increases, scaffolding should be _____. Best practices change as new research finding present teachers with more effective strategies. Which best describes a psychosocial crisis? Physical activity has been found to increase ______. Share practice link. She knows that she has trouble with dates, so she checks herself by giving herself a short quiz after each chapter. Unlike other theorists, Eisenberg's theory of prosocial moral reasoning focuses on _____. Mattie laughs because he knows that Clifford is still a dog and not an elephant. Print; Share; Edit; Delete; Host a game . What is most true of correlation designs? 508 lessons Which best describes punishment that can be considered effective? Modeling of learning strategies and guiding their practice. Enrolling in a course lets you earn progress by passing quizzes and exams. "I am very good at memorizing lists, but not so good at comprehending what I read," Patrice thinks. Décharge . Darwin is caught sticking gum to the bottom of his desk, so she is asked to scrape the gum off of all of the desks in the room. by verogodin4_97005. NOM PRENOM : …………………………………..          CLASSE : ………     DATE : Translate the description into English (United States) using Google Translate? A person creates knowledge by using cognitive processes to gain knowledge from experience. After finding out there was juice in the water bottle, she was asked what other people would think was in the bottle and she responded with the answer, juice.

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